The summer has poetry of its own,
In the snowy carpet of fallen bougainvilleas over cross-hatch road tiles, 

red, yellow, red, yellow, bright but monotonously mellow

It casts a tangerine spell that resounds in carotene-rich flowers, amber sunsets and faded Mediterranean roof tiles, or cheese-like moons on clear evenings.

There’s rhythm in everything, reflection, refraction, diffraction and resonance, in juicy watermelons and sticky fingers, flip flops and cool water, and scented sunscreen and the reigning Cestrum Nocturnum* 

There’s happiness in the incandescent beams of light that are bound by no curtain or tree cover, sun-kissed faces and captured smiles; iridescent eyes in blinding sunlight that twinkle with the mirth of lazy days of bright flora and croaking bullfrogs that melt into clear starry nights…

*Cestrum Nocturnum- “Queen of the Night”, a fragrant white flower that only blooms between sunset and sunrise.


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