By Nature’s Light

The view up here

From this colossal height

Devoured by mine eye

Before I must take flight

It was the torrential downpour

That stained the gorge Brown

And in deep dark places,

Brought the stalactites down.

The once trickling streams

Now with a gushing flow

Frolicking as they drain

Into the rushing river below.

In those shimmering few

Golden hours ere twilight

When the sky is radiant

The colors dull, but yet so bright.

Then the cleared sun flashing

On the leaf-strewn ground

As the rich smell of earth

Lingers, heavy all around

The gorge walls weathered, softened

Waves of solid stone

Bared, streaked, and immortalized

By God’s hand alone

Dark and eerie shadows

Lengthening at twilight

As I steal away

Into the starry, starry night

My path of turmoil

Winds, twisting into the dark

An obscured direction lit up

By the mere hope of a spark

For it was the torrential downpour

That stained these carvings brown

And in this deep dark tunnel

Brought the stalactites down

It is in the ceilingless cavern

Caressed by moonlight

Where my eyes behold

The end to my plight


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