Of lingering phrases, origins, and introspection

“Oh, this is Roshni, she’s weirdly amazing and amazingly weird”

^This is what one of my friends said to someone new on a chat group. And it’s a line I’ll never forget.

There are normal alphabets that form words, sentences and finally, paragraphs that our brains recognize as something. Then there are permutations of letters and words into phrases that really have meaning. They’re those little things that somehow linger at the back of your mind. They’re often simple, and mostly non-essential to daily life, but they strike a chord within you that, once struck, isn’t ever forgotten. I’m sure there’s something that someone has said to you, or you’ve read somewhere, that stuck with you. As for me? There are plenty of these phrases, and they’ve come from various places- a joke a friend made, something a teacher said in passing, you name it, and it could be something life-altering. Or maybe not that drastic, but memorable all the same.

Coming to the line I started with, the attempt my friend made to sum me up into a sentence, well, it became a source of great inspiration to me. If I’m completely honest with myself, it’s that phrase: “weirdly amazing and amazingly weird” that really made me think, and still inspires random but relevant trains of thought. I know that I don’t exactly fit a single stereotype. There are things I think of that I find hard to share with people, simply because not everyone understands the idea of something not usual. The stereotype I mostly get labelled with is “weird”. At the same time, people who I identify with are, to me, the best kind of people. I find them amazing. When I decided to blog about random things, naturally the first heading that encompassed my ideas that came to mind was the weirdly amazing quote. (See what I did there? :D)

We’re all a little weird. Maybe some more than others, but that those quirks are present across the board. Some of us suppress that individuality, while some of us define ourselves by it. Beyond anything, it’s this weirdness that shapes who we are. When you describe a person, or anything for that matter, the best description is the quality that makes it unique. To go by society’s norms, that quality is what’s different about you, and therefore weird. At the same time, it’s what makes all of us amazing in our own ways. Simply put, it’s amazing how weird we all are, and that weirdness makes us amazing. I could go on and on with examples, but I’d rather inspire introspection.

What makes you weirdly amazing?


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