On Wednesdays, We Wear Thoughtful

The way we feel about things is a reflection of our experiences with them, or what we’ve heard and seen of other’s experiences with them. Our interactions with our environments are constantly shaping opinions, ideas, and reactions, whether we realize it or not. The way I feel about Wednesday, for example, could be shaped by an unforgettable experience I had, that coincidentally, took place on a Wednesday. However, it isn’t always this direct. The human brain is marvelous; it takes in information from everywhere and interprets it without sparing a minute for an aware analysis. Our feelings are impacted by so much more than just our own, or other’s experiences. Opinions are shared on every forum – the print media, television, and the internet. Different perspectives on a situation can be accessed at the touch of screen. This also means that our thoughts can be influenced by almost anything.

In today’s day and age, pop culture plays an enormous role in our perceptions of the world. Video games, movies, television shows, books, and even music are largely influential. The discussion of these over the internet only makes them more and more commonly referred to, and therefore more familiar to us. Pop culture has developed a sense of humor of its own through these many references. Mashing lines from different books together, making puns with song lyrics, and impersonating a favorite character’s catchphrase in response to something, are only a few examples. All of this gives us a new, vast world to draw inspiration from.

Once upon a time, the word “Wednesday” would make me think of studying, a lack of sleep, or the desire for a break. At my current high school, during my junior year, everything would happen on Wednesdays: The first day of school, parent-teacher conferences, interesting visitors, chemistry practical classes, performances, sports games, and even tests. Wednesdays would bring with them a certain sense of anticipation, usually ranging from dread to excitement. Thanks to the pop culture influence, Wednesdays are so much more to me now. My favorite artist released an album on a Wednesday, and it was something my friends and I counted down the hours to. Wednesday doesn’t even have to be a day of the week, such as, for example, the morbid Wednesday Addams, of Addams Family fame.

In the movie ‘Mean Girls,” which is one that most high school students have found themselves watching at least once in their lives, the popular girls wore pink clothes on Wednesdays. This became a bit of a running joke among my friends, especially because popularity is relative in a school as small as ours, and our uniform is anything but pink. However, the line, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink,” is one that I won’t be able to forget. It is a constant reminder of the friends I have right now and the high school environment I’m in, and how in a matter of just a few months, I’ll be separated from both.

I decided to put off writing this essay until it actually was a Wednesday, just to see if it inspired me any differently, and I’d like to think it has. I don’t know if it’s possible to think about the answer to a question as vague and open-ended as “How do you feel about Wednesday?” without a lot of introspection, and the relieving of quite a few memories. A simple ‘mixed feelings’ is impossible to understand without the knowledge of everything a person has been through, in relation to the question asked.

What I do know today, Wednesday, is that from now on, I’m going to associate ‘Wednesday’ with one of the most unusual essays I’ve ever written.


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