I like words, I love words, I love the ways you can pace them, a few at a time, side by side so they rhyme. When you string them together like beads on a cold, metallic chain, or as exuding warmth, like the huffing cabooses of a long, winding train.

It’s amazing how one string of speech can be sharp, and too short to go all the way around your neck, so it chokes you, possibly to death, leaving you gasping for breath, yet another’s words can easily slide over your head and proudly rest, glittering necklace adorning your chest.

But what’s remarkable is the power behind the words that makes them so specific yet diverse, how the same word can be spat out in a fit of rage, meant to insult and degrade, but also be sweet, like vengeance at last, or kind, comforting, as if to soothe shattered glass.

There are words that trigger anxiety and dread, and also words that make you wish the speaker were dead, or perhaps, alive, but with those words forever unsaid.

A single word can incite waves of nostalgia, or inside jokes, heartache and longing, set old feelings awoke, or can be a beginning, in either heart or wallet broke.

Words can hit crowds and change minds for the better, influence our opinions, views and feelings, down to the letter. But wielding this power, utilizing these tools, takes responsibility, morals, and intellect; it’s not meant for fools –  such as, certain “great” people who then, claim to want to make the rest “great, again”. Those, who, on the tides of opinions rose, to power, to power, but by stepping on other toes, and when they take words? Then these combinations of sounds or symbols are used and used and used to spread negativity and misunderstandings and abuse, and for what? Temporary satisfaction? Fleeting dominance, fleeting fame, when will you, up on your throne, realize that this isn’t a game? It may be great to go viral, have the whole world know your name, but if you can’t use that for good, it’s not just a waste, but also a shame.

Your words have the power to go to real people, so why wish them ill? You won’t feel the result of your own hatred, but someone, somewhere, will.

There’s no synonym for the word, “word”, and that’s significant to me, it means words are all we have, and our usage of them is what we’re known to be.

Words can make or break a person; they can make or break your day. So be careful how you wield them, because, after all:

you are what you say.


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